Copicat® is back - to celebrate 50 golden years of service to music.

The Watkins Copicat® is an echo unit, a multi-tap echo & Fx unit with delay modulation for guitars and all music signal sources. It is programmable and has 6 variable controls for live 'hands-on' editing. Now with performance 'patch' memories and other effects.

Caution !   Only Copicats® made in London by Watkins at WEM® are the genuine article - beware of imitations !...............

The new Copicat® Gold is more versatile and useful than ever before.

The full retail price is £1250.

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The perfected sounds of Binson - Space Echo - Meazzi etc.  PLUS the product of 2 original Watkins Copicats®.   Enquiries welcomed from all and Music Shops,  Producers etc.
Offering unrivalled live music features to Shadows enthusiasts, creative sound men and producers, with patchable, editable settings - incorporating variable volumes of 'rippling' and 'tripping' echoes and repeats.

We do not have any other brochures on this unit. All information is on these web pages here or we are happy to answer any emails with specific questions you may have about the unit.

The Copicat is as simple and straight forward as it always has been. We have several  levels of documentation available in PDF for the user, each from a different perspective.  For those who need reassurance that this is a Copicat :-

The Red Buttons are the Copicat Heads, exactly as all previous models.

The Yellow buttons change the Head patterns to : Copicat, Binson, Meazzi, Space Echo etc press them and hear the echo change.

The Black buttons set Echo On or Off and the input or output type, much like earlier models though now with stereo echo effects if required.

The Blue buttons allow you to store and recall any of the settings of the other buttons and controls.

The Rotary control knobs do the same as all previous models : Input gain, Master output level, The Echo level, The Echo Repeats, 2 tone controls for echo bass & treble, Varispeed - Echo speed control and finally the 'Wobble' echo stability or movement control. 

There is more if you want it but this is the original basic stuff. See the customer feedback section to find out what users really think of it.

Click here for Customer feedback, Endorsements & Reviews - find out what other people are doing with the Copicat Gold.


Contact us for information or instructions for the Copicat Gold and we can send PDFs to you.

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Some demonstration files are here at last as mp3s for you to download. They are the Copicat being used with guitar to play some Shadows' and other songs.  These demos show that the Copicat can be used to accurately imitate vintage echo machines which is a useful performance benchmark even if you are planning to use it on something  a little more way-out there...............and remember, the exact sound that you get depends on how you set up the Copicat.

Either click on the names or right-click and 'save as' to play later.

Demos by Dave Robinson (settings by Alan Jackson).

Wonderful Land

Blue Star

The Savage

The Breeze and I

Apache (with fades).


My Resistance is low

Flingel Bunt


Foot Tapper





Other Demos:

Kevin Ball  :  Clip 1   :   Clip 2   :   Clip 3  (All quite large 8MB - may take a minute to download.)

The Copicat Gold comes with external small AC power unit, single foot-switch and output lead.


Contains 10 basic tape echoes  and effects including reverb, flanging, phasing, tremolo which may then be edited and stored in any of the 12 working users patch memories. 72 archive memories. Now all effects in mono or stereo.

Each echo unit has 5 heads with 2 sets of 5 head spacings - these set the basic echo pattern of 10 classic echo machines. Each head has editable volume and repeats level and may be panned across the stereo image. In echo modes, separate variable signal paths for outputs and repeats. The echoes have a variable 'Wobble' control to simulate tape fluctuations and movement - it gives a modulated delay.
All standard quarter inch jack connectors. Single input switchable from High impedance for guitar or line inputs to low impedance high sensitivity for low impedance microphones. Direct signal cancel for series/parallel/mixer effects loops. Mono/Stereo mode switch - mono in , stereo effects out. Effect on off button.
Jacks for 4 footswitches which are assignable to any of the patch or control buttons for easy foot operated changes.
6 real rotary editing controls which you turn until the sound you want is there, then store it forever, instantly accessible when you need it.

A unique boutique pedal unit with sounds you won't forget.

.................and it is still designed and built by us, here in London UK.    

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