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New in - 4 great pre-owned instruments.



Vignoni / Watkins Dominator

With full WEM MIDI

Rarely do we have the chance to offer this pre-owned accordion. If you've done the rounds through your life span with heavyweight accordions which, sometimes, did not match their specification in response and tonal quality, then this could be for you.

The "Vignoni Watkins Dominator" 4/5 voices, 96 basses with 34 treble keys Seven plus 3 couplers. All internal braces, blocks etc carved from precious woods like cedar, maple, mahogany and the like.  Hand made through out.

The already legendary Watkins "Super M" hand made reeds giving a response and a power only dreamed about when you had your old accordions.

This one answers to your touch like a dream because of the quality of these reeds. Strong, orthodox musette tuned with the 3 sets of mid range reeds. The bassoon reeds are in with a swift touch on the coupler. No cassotto tone chambers because this would add a few pounds to the weight (which is just what we are trying to avoid after all). Sits unobtrusively on the chest producing higher sound levels and more alacrity of response than the 'old timers' ever could - I would rate this as the best (portable) accordion being produced anywhere in the world.

Watkins / Brandoni Special

78 basses. 37 treble keys.

Watkins 'Super M' reeds.

4 voice treble. 5 voice bass.

Seven couplers each side giving perfect tonal balance.

Double cassotto.

Music Tech MIDI.


SEM Ciao


Reedless with lots of high quality built in sounds

MIDI output

Very light weight.




Student VM

48 Bass






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